• About us

Our history - Listen, learn, supply!

From the very start, the driving force has been to listen to our customers. To learn what the needs and demands are and then deliver a solution.

Almost 50 years later, we can count to more than 250 lubricants developed for our customers and these are used in thousands of applications. Our ambition to always place the customer foremost, has put us in the place we are today. In the leading poistion.

When other companies in the business get a wider gap between production and customer, we have instead chosen to expand our local production. A new production facility with extended capacity for production and filling was ready and started in 2015. We will continue to invest in the Future!

Some historical milestones

  • 1971 The company is founded in Stockholm as Architector Invest AB
  • 1984 "Cargo" is recorded as trade mark
  • 1984 As the first company, we introduced environmentally adapted lubricants on the market 
  • 1985 The company starts up its own production of lubricants
  • 1993 Producing own unique aerosol line with uniform design. 
  • 1996 The trade mark "Cargo" is becoming the company name: CARGO OIL AB 
  • 1998 The head office and production is centralized to Partille. Sales and distribution in Norway is opened.
  • 2006 The company buys the premises and expand with 750 square meters.
  • 2011 The company celebrates with 40 years in the business
  • 2012 We establish our products on the Oceanian market
  • 2013 Start buildning new production premises and office space to cover our expansion
  • 2015 Our Food Grade Lubricants are now sold in 20 countries worldwide.
  • 2016 Increasing production and subcontract (Lubricating grease filling and aerosols) capacities 
  • 2017 New equipment for filling of Bag-in-Box, tube welding and cartridge filling are brought in operation. 
  • 2018 Expanding our label print shop and increase all export business
  • 2019 As first lubricant company, we introduce stackable  conical drums with new smart design.



Cargo Oil in the World

The head office is in Partille and our domestic market is firstly Sweden & Norway, but the business reach out over Europe and the world with production, retailers and direct export.

We are the leading company for Food grade lubricants in Scandinavia, with a very versatile range of products covering all types of applications of process industry such as, bakeries, dairies, snacks, breweries, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, etc.

Our successful Food Grade products are exported globally to Norway, Iceland, South America, Europe, Oceania, China, etc.


Our business - Lubricants ... and more!

Cargo Oil AB is a Swedish, privately owned company, producing and supplying a complete range of lubricants for work shops, industries, automotives, construction, marine, printing, lifts and cranes, etc.

Also, we can offer a wide range of products for cleaning, degreasing, skin care, corrosion prevention, absorbents, metalworking fluids, accessories, etc.

Our sales representatives are all over the country and will gladly visit you for best possible service and support. We always listen to your requests and will do our very best to fulfill your wishes. Contact us and let us tell you how.


For us, environmental awareness has always been natural

 Since year 2000 we are certified to EMS ISO 14001 and have several products listed on RISE (former SP) lists.

From the same time we are certified to QMS  ISO 9001 and continuously improve our work by engagement from all staff. This will guarantee a constant improvement of our routines, products and services.

Since year 2008,  we are certified to ISO 21469, specifying hygiene requirements for formulation, manufacture, use and handling of lubricants which may come in incidental contact with food, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, animal feed, etc.

Long-term organized

We are members of:

  • European Lubrication Grease Institute (ELGI)
  • European Union of Independent Lubricating Companies (UEIL)
  • European Hygienic Equipment Design Group (EHEDG)
  • SwedeFish
  • The West Swedish Chamber of Commerce
  • Swedish Ski Areas industry Association(SLAO)
  • Institute for Surface Chemistry/ Reasearch Institutes of Sweden (RISE) (former SP)


Membership gives us unique possibilities to keep being updataed and to spread the pronounced consiousness about environmental awareness and food safety, found in Sweden, beyond our borders. In Sweden, we work closely to reaserch scientists in, for example, Luleå University of Technology, Swedish Institute for Surface Chemistry, RISE, etc.

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