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If you have any questions about products or applications, please contact your local sales representative or call us at +46 (0)31 44 33 11.

Cargo Oil Academy

We can offer you a complet package of training and educational sessions, in separate fields or adapted to the needs of an individual company

  • Basics of Lubricants and Lubrication
  • Maintenance Technics - lubrication
  • Tribology
  • Environmental Expertise
  • Rheology
  • Energy Savings


Safty Data Sheets

Fill in the form and send to us for updated Safety Data Sheets. To the SDS form


- Map your lubrication

Smörjrum färgkodat
LubeMap is our standardized concept for safe maintenance of the machinery and contains, for instance, product survey, product rationalization, lubrication charts, color coding, labelling and much more. The concept is 5S based.

Every company is unique and our sales representative will always make a thorough investigation of the needs and requirements - in cooperation with the responsible maintenance manager. 

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