With half a century of experience, we can state that everything changes over time. Today we are a very expansive company with a very wide range of lubricants, aerosols, metalworking fluids, cleaning agents, absorbents & spill protection, accessories, etc. We have one of the world's largest ranges of food-adapted lubricants and cleaning agents, are by far the largest supplier of lubricants for lifts and other lifting devices and have a good reputation in all types of industry.

Our products are always of the highest quality and with a high technological level. We are experts in all types of lubricating fluids and are happy to help with recommendations and selection, including handling and application. 50 years ago, the company was started with a few employees and today we have grown into an organization that covers large parts of the world. We have representatives in Asia, Oceania, South America and all over Europe.

We continue to develop and expand and plan to do so for the next 50 years as well. It is thanks to you as customers that we have come to this respectable age and we look forward to aging with you for many long years to come. Of course you will notice our anniversary this year. We want it to be memorable for both you and us. But that's news of its own and will come up here later.

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